the voice of experience - ed sleiman


Ed Sleiman’s early childhood was one filled with various athletic pursuits and sporting activities, including swimming, jogging and soccer. His fighting spirit became evident early on, as soon he would also spend time inside the ring as an amateur boxer. 

Professional life began for Ed with time spent as a welder within the construction industry.  There, he was employed by pipeline companies installing underground gas piping for Union Gas. Later, he went on to work for various other industrial  and commercial projects both in Windsor as well as the surrounding area. From there, Ed went on to earn his Grade 12 equivalency at the Adult Education Centre in Windsor, prior to attending the University of Windsor where he then earned a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. During this time, he  spent his summers teaching welding classes at St. Clair College while  simultaneously working in the pipefitting department at the Chrysler Plant 3.  After graduation, Ed continued his academic quest by undertaking further studies in Business and Management at St. Clair College, rounding out his resume with an Associate Degree in Construction Management from the University of Michigan.

As his professional career progressed, Canadian Bridge (Hawker-Siddley) would soon come calling,  first hiring Ed to set-up a new production line to produce and assemble Tree Farmer Tractors to be used in forestry. From there, he was then promoted to Quality Control Manager –a position that blended perfectly with his innate  work ethic and desire to keep in touch with his workers. It was that very  ethic and drive that would see Ed continue to call the construction industry  his home for years to come, eventually earning a multitude of trade-related  certificates along the way (including High Pressure welding, steam-fitting  and gas technician). The call of the classroom would again beckon for Ed,  leading him to instruct night school classes along with undertaking the  United Associations’ five-year Instructor’s Training Program in Ann Arbor, MI. 

When Ed moved from Ridgetown to Windsor pursuing his carrier, it was not long after that he would eventually meet the woman who would go on to become his beloved wife, Frances, an elementary school teacher and graduate of the Windsor Teacher’s College and University of Windsor. They were married at St. Joseph church on Seminole and Rossini (the heart of the new Ward 5) in Windsor and went on to have two children, Michelle and Mark. Fran continued to teach for the Windsor Separate School Board for 34-years until her retirement few years ago.

Both Michelle and Mark attended elementary school at Our Lady of Lourdes, graduating from OAT at F.J. Brennan High School. Michelle would go on to earn an Honours Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario. From there, she went on to work for the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto prior to marrying. She and her husband now reside in New Market. Mark went on to attend the University of Windsor, earning an honour Degree and a Master in Criminology and is now working for the City of Grand Praire in Alberta. 

Eventually, it was a desire to serve the community that led to Ed’s involvement with several City of Windsor committees, including the Council Compensation Review Committee prior to its final recommendation to City Council in 2003. He is currently a member of the City of Windsor Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and past member of the Committee of Adjustment and Consent Authority, each of which has provided Ed with unique insight into the internal workings of our city government. Further, Ed also served on the board of directors for the Ontario Association of Committees of Adjustment and Consent Authorities through 2006. 

Not only is Ed ready to apply his years of accumulated knowledge and experience garnered throughout his career into representing Ward 5 as their Councillor, but he is also looking to inject his ever-present energy and drive into the position as well. A job done quickly and effectively are the cornerstones of his work ethic. He and his family have resided in Ward 5 for more than 25 years and have learned first-hand that a large percentage of the infrastructure amid this well-established neighbourhood is in need of attention, specifically concerning roads and sewer reconstruction. This, however, is only one of the challenges Ed looks forward to tackling, as serving his community is truly one of his passions. He looks forward to coupling his education, experience and community involvement in helping Windsor grow, prosper and regain tax payer confidence in city government.